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featured Polygroup products


 Polygroup create products that provide solutions and go one step further than many other rotational moulders.

Rotational moulding large items has never been easy. Polytank have mastered the technique over the past 40 years and now produce a range of products that are recognized throughout the industry as the finest available.
When you add the innovation of including installation kits with the tank they simply make common sense. Polytank have been manufacturing and supplying plumbing equipment for over 40 years and the last 10 years has seen rapid and sustained progress of the company.
Polytank now has a 15 acre site at Freckleton on the outskirts of Preston which is continuously being developed as manufacturing units are being added.

Innovation has made a significant difference to the cost effectiveness of plumbers and installers throughout the UK.

Polytank have the ability to give the customers the most comprehensive range of coldwater storage systems in the marketplace today. With the ever-increasing installation problems of redesigned roof spaces and loft hatches Polytank has the answer for any plumber or installer.

All Polytank’s are manufactured within ISO 9001:2008 approved factories under controlled conditions and tested to meet exacting standards.

All Polytank’s are manufactured to BS4213:2004 and are kite marked.
Merchants and installers selling, fitting and using Polytank’s can be assured that the product meets the latest demands of the industry.
All mandatory water supply fittings regulations 1999 are met by Polytank.

only the finest

Only the finest raw materials pass
Polygroup ‘goods inwards’
assessment. As with all quality
considerations the end product
directly relates to the material
used in its manufacture. As
Polygroup push the boundaries
of innovation, it is vitally important
the raw materials provide the
flexibility to meet these
engineering demands.


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