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Polygroup engineering in plastic


Polygroup create products that provide solutions and go one step further than many other rotational moulders.

Rotational moulding large items has never been easy.
group have mastered the technique over the past 40 years and now produce a range of products that are recognized throughout the industry as the finest available. When you add the innovation of including installation kits with the Polytank they simply make common sense.

group have been manufacturing and supplying plumbing equipment for over 40 years and the last 10 years has seen rapid and sustained progress of the company. Polytank now has a 15 acre site at Freckleton on the outskirts of Preston which is continuously being developed as manufacturing units are being added.

New company image
group has now recognized that all the services and products they offer to merchants now need bringing under a cohesive banner so that all the design and manufacturing qualities synonymous with Polytank are recognized. The Polytank product will now be associated with all the other Polygroup products; each clearly identified with a ‘brand’ from a new family of logos created for each of the products. The company itself is now to be known as the Polygroup, so that all merchants know they are dealing directly with the manufacturer, assured of receiving the best value and benefits of Polytank innovation.



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